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All Medellin secrets

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Named as the city of the eternal spring, Medellin is located in the middle of a valley on the central mountain chain of Los Andes and highlights for important attributes like the beautiful women, the entrepreneur “Paisa” spirit, the Botero’s art works, the art and culture which emanates of the also called “Tacita de Plata”

Medellin is the cradle of important national and international characters as the President of the republic Álvaro Uribe Vélez itself, the ex-president Belisario Betancur, the art master Fernando Botero and Juanes among others.

On the last decades, Medellin has strengthened as one of the principal cities of Colombia being as center of beautiful women, exotic flowers, an excellent weather and is complemented by the political, social, economic and bank development.

Furthermore, since the new city hall the mayor has focused on promote the education, support the social development and improve the safety on the streets, which has been transform into a industrial, financial, touristic and  artistic development place.

Things to do in Medellin


Thanks to the location of this beautiful valley has a spectacular weather where all time of the year is spring season and what has been referred as the Capital of Flowers, where the Cattleya Orchid and the traditional “Silletero” of the Flower Fair are national symbols for all Colombian people and the pride of “paisas”.

Among the most beautiful places of this city we shall find that the downtown is adorned with the Master Botero’s artworks, where the Antioquia museum and the sculpture park have been decorated by amazing donations from Fernando Botero.


Medellin Party


Medellin is widely known by the party ambience, of Rumba and fairs in which all attendants share joyfully the most exclusive clubs, bars and discos; and thankfully to the infrastructure of the city the variety of fairs are distributed all around the city.


Medellin Shopping


“La Capital de La montaña” highlights for become in a very commercial, industrial and financial center for the department, between the economic activities we can emphasize on: Banks, services, politics, art, culture, communications, fashion design and entertainment.


Medellin Restaurants


The “Mazamorra de maiz” with “Panela” or the commonly named “Aguepanela” with cheese those are typical beverages of Antioquia, and you should mixed with the famous “Arepas” with cheese, fresh and warm “Buñuelos”, “Arepas de Chocolo” and “Solteritas” last ones are biscuits with and special flavor, almost indescribable and all of them constitutes one fundamental part of “paisa” food, because around these amazing dishes stories has been told, friendships has been made and families has been raised; We cannot left behind the Antioqueño firewater, an alcoholic drink very distinctive around the country on the most important cities by the sweetness and the soft flavor mixed with an anisette taste, that remember the friendly spirit of “Paisas”.


Medellin Clubs/Bars


As a big cosmopolitan city we could find a huge variety of places where the night fun and entertainment are the principal objective to their customers. The multicultural factor of the city allows different atmospheres for each taste of music, rumba and the joy that emanates of all clubs every night..

Medellin Hotels


Medellin is a city of cultural and architectonic contrasts, full with a seductive mysticism which invades everybody’s minds, covered by a warm and sunny weather during the day and by a starry sky during the night. The staying at a city as big and beautiful like this one vary depending on each sector, in which you will find comfortable and cozy places hosted by “Paisa” warmth, as luxury hotels decorated with quite excellence to provide you the best quality service.i.